For Service to Racing Car Transmissions.
HEWLAND Specialist.

Postal address - 43 Hawthorne Ave, Long Eaton,
Nottingham, ENGLAND. NG10 3NG
Workshop address - Unit 2, Wood Court, Clifton Avenue
Long Eaton, Nottingham, ENGLAND NG10 2GA
Telephone: +44 (0)115 946 1013 Answerphone & Autofax
Mobile: 07740 123119 (text message is good first point of contact)

 HEWLAND ENGINEERING have been designing and manufacturing gearboxes and transaxles for racing cars world-wide, since the 1960's. I am a HEWLAND specialist in the English Midlands.

My service is backed by experience of HEWLAND products going back to 1973. I offer a personal service for HEWLAND competition gearboxes. By 'personal', I mean that I will always consider your individual requirements, and after inspecting your gearbox I will consult with you fully before continuing with the work. Most of my work is servicing the popular 'classic' transaxles such as Mark 3/4/5/6/8/9, FT200, FG400, DG300, LG500 & 600 ranges, but also covering the current sequential units, from a full overhaul to small adjustments, or the supply of gearboxes, gear ratios (new and second hand), spares, gearing information and gear charts.

My workshop is located at Clifton Avenue, Long Eaton, NG10 2GA, which is 5 miles from M1 junction 24, 3 miles from M1 junction 25, 4 miles from A50 and 8 miles from Donington Park Race Circuit. Callers are welcome, but please by prior arrangement.

I am sorry, I am not presently equipped to take card payment, but internet payment may be made direct to my bank account.

Advice for beginners is always available, try clicking the following links.
Gear ratio changing instructions        Starter gear ratio guides
MK 8/9 4 speed                          Formula Ford Kent MK9 9/31 Avon
MK 8/9 5 speed                          Formula Ford Kent LD200 9/31 Avon
Formula Opel/Vauxhall/Lotus             Formula Ford Kent LD200 10/31 Avon
FT200 & FG range                        Formula Opel/Vauxhall/Lotus
DG300                                   Sports 2000, MK9, 10/31 CWP
                                        Sports 2000, LD200, 13/36 CWP
                                        Formula Three, 2 litre, pre 1997

Gear ratios charts                      Conversion charts
Formula Ford Kent MK9-9/31 (607KB)      Formula Ford MK8/9 9/31 to 10/31 (92KB)
Sports 2000 with Hewland LJS (564KB)    Sports 2000 MK8/9 to LJS/FTR (102KB)
Formula Ford LD200 10/31 CWP (187KB)    Formula Ford LD200 9/31 to 10/31 (178KB)
Formula Ford LD200 13/36 CWP (429KB)    Formula Ford LD200 9/31 to 13/36 (181KB)
FVLC, MK5 ratios, 10/31 CWP, 22.3in     Formula 5000 DG ratios 2008 (80KB)
F3, MK5 ratios, 13/36 CWP, 22.6in       MK5 ratios, 10/31 CWP to 13/36 (56KB)

Rev Drop Tables                         Circuit Tables - keep your ratio records neat
MK 8/9 @7000 RPM (59KB)                 MK 8/9, 9/31, 7000 RPM 22.1" tyres
LD200  @7000 RPM                        LD200, 9/31, 7000 RPM 22.1" tyres
                                        LD200, 10/31, 7000 RPM 22.1" tyres
MK 5   @6000 RPM (172KB)                MK 5, 10/31, 7000 RPM 22.3" tyres
MK 5   @7000 RPM (172KB)                FT, 9/31, 9500 RPM 23" tyres
FT200  @9000 RPM
DG300  @8000 RPM

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